Direct sales outlet for farm products and souveniers
A very popular farm-shop, Kotipiiri, is located in beautiful countryside in Mäntsälä, Levanto village.

There is a very wide selection of Finnish quality products of almost 200 different suppliers, like produce, hand made gifts etc.
Kotipiiri also has a bakery, where delicious pastries and oven fresh bread is baked.
Kotipiiri farm-shop is open year around.

Cafe and gift shop
Upstairs is located Cafe-Wintti and gift-shop. There one can enjoy a delicious coffee break in a cozy environment. Cafe-Wintti also offers home-made catering for bigger groups by reservation.
It is open Tuesday to Sunday and closed on Mondays!

Address: Kotipiiri
Pohjoinen Pikatie 955
04940 Levanto, Finland

tel. +358(0)19-688 3733
fax + 358(0)19-688 3720
mail to: